commissions for transitioning


um, okay, so i feel a little weird posting this, but my job search has been giving me nothing at all and this is the only way outside of sex work (which i cannot even do at this point since i live with parents and my girlfriend would not approve) that i can make money. 

basically, i’m transitioning from female to male and have recently come out to mom and am working with a gender therapist to make steps towards achieving my goals. i’m in college and i want to at least start before i graduate. problem is that my mom has basically told me she’s not paying for it, because she can’t afford it and i presume this extends to top surgery and testosterone.

i have issues enough as it is with taking her money, so i’m starting a…fund so to speak. basically, all the commissions i get are going to this fund to pay for testosterone and legal name changes and stuff. i’m gonna try doing them as quick as possible as opposed to my fail procrastinating.

here’s what i got:

lineart — $5

line + color — $5

shaded portraits (either realism or stylized) — $10

my paypal account is you can either message me here, on my personal account, or my e-mail. donations would also be awesome, but i’m not going to hold my breath. hum, okay.

cheers, b

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